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Time is your most scarce resource.

I help you use it wisely. 

20+ years experience building and operating mission critical banking, integration, data and payments platforms



  • API strategy

  • Securely integrating applications

  • Where to get started

  • How to iterate your way to success


  • How to use modern tools to combine data from your mission critical systems

  • Automate workflows to ensure maximum efficiency and data integrity

  • Gain value from data without selling it


  • Technology modernization strategy

  • Where to get started

  • Optimize cloud configuration to reduce costs

  • Implementing team upskiling and training programs


Weekly audience of the biggest names in fintech and the newest voices that are reshaping financial services globally

Fintech Playlist 💿


From board briefings to podcast guest, keynotes, panels, and events. I am a versatile speaker with expertise, global appeal and memorable content. 



An Ode to Plumbers

Barb MacLean, creator of Fintech Playlist and a veteran builder and an operator of business critical banking and payments platforms, picks up the digital wrench and gets to work with APIs


Ep. 628 News: Does the market have Tiger Global by the tail?


Our expert hosts, Benjamin Ensor and Kate Moody, are joined by some great guests to talk about the most notable fintech, financial services and banking news from the past week.

This week's guests include:

  • Barb Maclean, VP Integration & Analytics, Celero

  • Aya Ibrahim, Commercial Director, Paymob

  • Mary Ann Azevedo, Senior Editor, TechCrunch


Fintech is Family

In this episode of One Vision, which at times feels more like a family dinner conversation, I am reunited with Barb MacLean and Chris Garrod to talk about our virtual selves, technology, and Barb’s fintech playlist. While we might all be at different physical locations, fintech will always be the common bond that brings us back together.


Equinix, Microsoft, CWB, Celero

Payment companies and banks have successfully adopted, as a service, public cloud models for some business operations. However, not all hardware, data and network connections are well suited for public cloud and therefore require a different strategy. What’s needed is a foundation for digital operations, where physical and virtual technologies including compute, storage, network, applications and as a service platforms can co-exist. By modernizing IT with digital infrastructure, financial leaders are creating next-generation hybrid cloud platforms that enable them to meet emerging client needs as well as their own 2030 sustainability goals. Using application programming interfaces (APIs), these leaders are assembling infrastructure in minutes, anywhere in the world, on demand from an ecosystem of providers. Learn more about how Equinix and Microsoft Azure are using digital infrastructure to help build next-generation platforms.


APIs for Everyone

In this episode, Barb MacLean of Celero joins Mike and Matt to give a window into the Canadian community banking and credit union landscape, and the impact that digital transformation, open banking, and APIs are playing.


with Efi Pylarinou

📌 This week`s Conversations & Insights is with Barb MacLean who is also the creator of the Fun Fintech Playlist which is wonderful food for thought.

We talk about :
👉 The fintech playlist origin story which is a wonderful Tribe baby
👉 The importance of Mindsets in #Fintech innovation
👉 And the importance of the #iwd2022 theme #BreakTheBias in Fintech

Listen to our discussion 👉
and of course, the song that Barb chose after our recording.


People First Leadership

In this conversation with Barb MacLean, VP Integration and Analytics at Celero Solutions, we talk about people first leadership and building learning networks to pass on your knowledge and expertise and to gain insights and expertise from others. We also discuss the importance of unlearning to move forward. We also talk about FinTech, the importance of credit unions, women in technology and her small-town farming roots. She shares some surprising insights on what to think about when making investments in technology.


The Most Wanted Fintech Legends in the Wild West

Here at FF News, we are committed to making sure we best represent every gender, race and ability as best as possible. After all, being inclusive and celebrating the achievements of all groups of people in our wonderful community is what it’s all about.

‘Buckaraoos’ does exactly that, as we highlight the very best North American (mostly) Fintech characters of 2021!


FCI-CWI 19th Edition Fall 2022

Winnipeg business leaders share leadership insights


Data plays a huge role in our daily activities. But does technology truly make our lives better?

It is often said, digital technologies are driving transformative change in our society. But at what cost? As consumers, do we truly understand how information is being collected and used, and the associated risks and implications? Can we truly trust companies enough to just ‘click and ignore’? In this episode of One Vision, Theo and Barb Maclean chat with Hessie Jones, Venture Partner at MATR Ventures on venture capital model, community building, and tech ethics. From data rights to privacy and security, there is still a lot of work to be done. Hessie’s advice: Ethics needs to become a standard. And remember, just because you can — doesn’t mean you should.


Technology on Demand: Has fintech found Community Banks and CUs?

With technology beyond the internal resource of many credit unions and community banks, do fintechs provide the answer? Are fintechs and other innovative technology providers in tune with the unique needs of community-based institutions? 

  • Australia A. Hoover III, CEO, CDC Credit Union

  • Will McGlynn, Innovation Lead, Connect First Credit Union

  • Ben Maxim, VP Digital Strategy & Innovation, MSU Federal Credit Union

  • Barb MacLean, Vice President – Integration & Analytics, Celero Solutions

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 11.38.57 PM.png

FCI-CWI 18th Edition Spring 2022

The first word that comes to mind when most people think of software development is not usually creativity. Barb MacLean (VP, Integration & Analytics, Celero) tells the story of the most creative group of people she's ever had the pleasure of working alongside in her career. Even in a highly technical team and industry, it's not about the technology, it's about the people.


Resurface Labs Webinar

We've waited until we really had a good lineup and topic. It's here, the discussion we need on API Security.On Feb 24, Rob Dickinson, Barb MacLean & Matt Konda join forces to bust a few API security myths, talk about SIEMs, SOARs, WAFs, and take on the latest security breaches (hello Log4Shell). Real talk. Real information. #apisecurity #security


Season 4 Episode 6

Season 4, Episode 6 of the FinTech Disrupticons invites Celero back for a 2nd time to chat about open banking now that Canada has an Open Banking Lead: namely Abraham Tachjian. Celero is a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to over 115 credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. They are no stranger to #openbanking and have been busy building solutions for their clients. In this podcast, we asked Deborah Moore, who leads Celero’s open banking program and Celero’s Digital Transformation Consulting business; and Barb MacLean, Celero's VP Integration and Analytics and international fintech celebrity and influencer, to talk about their solutions and what their plans are for open banking.


Stoplight | apidays | Women in APIs Interview

In honor of National Women’s Month and International Women’s Day (on March 8, 2022), we are partnering with APIdays to celebrate the expertise and talents of people in the Women In APIs community. We are featuring engineers, designers, coders, leaders, and change-makers who are making a difference with how APIs are conceptualized, designed, developed, and managed—whether as part of a strategic or transformational change; as a digital product; or as a vehicle for simplification or digitization.


2021 Foresight Series

To wrap our 2021 Foresight Series, our podcast guest is the "fintech famous" Barb MacLean, Vice President, Integration and Analytics at Celero Solutions. You didn't know Barb was famous? Just take a peek at her twitter @barbmaclean. Credit Unions are some of the most innovative FI's, and Barb shares a ton of great insights gained through her 20+ years in the space. A little bit of Star Wars, some Matrix and throw in a few future predictions....


Ep. 611 Insights: Running the Canadian fintech 'ultramarathon'



Our expert host, Benjamin Ensor, is joined by some great guests to talk all things Canadian fintech.


Following a tough 2020, Canada’s fintech scene has now thawed and 2021 saw record VC investment in the ecosystem.

With the promise of new regulation on Open Banking and payments on the horizon – this could be a big moment for The Great White North!

This week's guests are:

  • Barb Maclean, VP Integration & Analytics, Celero


  • Joshuah Lebacq, Director at NA ventures, National Bank Of Canada


  • Tarique Khan, Director of Business Development, Brim Financial


  • Ryan Tevel, Director of Partnerships, Koho


MTL Connecte

Millions of households, especially Black and Hispanic households, and  those who are low income or live in rural areas - lack access to  broadband Internet - deepening the inequality in our society, leaving  them further behind as others embark on virtual learning and remote work necessitated by COVID-19. What can companies do to help bridge the  digital divide?


Star Wars Trivia and what does banking have to do with it?

What does digital transformation really mean? Can banking truly be helpful? How can we be more thoughtful as we innovate, without leaving populations behind? For this week’s episode of One Vision, we move north across the border to Canada, where Bradley and Theo chat with Barb MacLean, Director, Application Development at Celero, on banking in Canada. Fun fact, do you know that ninety percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border? And stay to the end to find out Barb’s favorite Star Wars character.


Barb MacLean’s Country Challenge!



Don't Stop Verifyin

It's out! 🤩Trulioo’s fourth music video #DontStopVerifyin features industry experts and Trulioo members virtually jamming out to the parody version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’!

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 10.21.16 PM.png

Money2020 2018

As part of our ongoing series all around AI and Blockchain with our friends from Smartstream, we talk to Barb MacLean, Celero about where the industry is heading, Barb’s role at the company and much more!


iComply Guest Blog

Barb MacLean discusses the responsibility and ethical impacts of credit unions using facial recognition in their back office


Ep. 143 News: O Canada!

ABOUT THIS EPISODE In a special news show this week, Sam Maule hosts all the way from Toronto, Canada, where the team have been covering the Sibos conference.The guys have another chance to discuss open banking and APIs, hot topics at Sibos this year; why value generation is seen as one of the biggest challenges posed; and how partnerships with fintech firms will help banks to find those important new sources of revenue. The guys round off this week's show with a look at the state of Canadian fintech.

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 10.33.59 PM.png

Banking on Data: APIs, Aggregation and Analysis

Presented by

Barb MacLean (Celero CA), Kathryn Petralia (Kabbage Inc.), Sean Breen (NTT Data Services), Edward Maslaveckas (This is Bud)

About this talk


Join this live panel streamed from Money20/20 Vegas where our speakers will discuss: -Banking transformation: Opportunities and challenges -Data management and APIs: Best practices for collection, aggregation, and analysis -Lessons learned from Open Banking -Using data to improve the customer experience -Amazon, Facebook, Google: The future of banking?


RFI Group

Business service models of the future
What new business models will dictate the future of business banking financial services?
With the rise of the shared economy and Uber like services, what types of banking and fintech services does the workforce need?
With Automation, ML and AI to likely cause job churn in the next 30-40 years, what new services does the labour force need?
What tools are there to keep security in check as we evolve?
Millennials are demanding greater flexibility in the workplace and in how they manage their money. What are the fintech models to service millennials? 
Moderator: Roy Kao, Managing Director – FinTech, MaRS 
With: Paul Parisi, President, PayPal Canada 
Eytan Bensoussan, CEO and Co-founder, NorthOne 
Barb MacLean, Director, Application Development at Celero 
Christopher Misener, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Digital Commercial Banking and Wealth Management, CIBC

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 10.50.50 PM.png

With Chris Skinner

This week's challenge was created by various tweets between myself and Barb MacLean. She offered to duet with me but, considering I'm here in Poland she's in Canada, that could be difficult.Anyways, the song we picked was Island in the Stream or, as it is now, Apps in the Cloud. We probably shouldn't have chosen that one as it seemed easy but, being a Robin Gibb song, it proved to challenge pitch a little. Equally, I was trying for my best Kenny Rogers look and failed miserably. I think I look more like some old banking guy who hasn't shaved for a few days ... anyways, Barb turned up very smart.



“Data residency is extremely important for credit unions, and that’s a challenge when you’re covering a country that’s almost 10 million square kilometers. Working with Equinix helped us move workloads to the public cloud and deliver low-latency services across Canada, even in areas where the top cloud providers don’t live.” 


Presented by Innovate Finance

I’ve met some amazingly capable and inspirational leaders in FinTech, with not just outstanding technical skills, but the ability to lead and inspire. This list of female leaders and game-changers in FinTech illustrates some of this talent.- Natalie Ceeney Chair, Innovate Finance

Image by Andras Vas

Blog Post

Over the past two years we’ve talked a lot about having an API-lead strategy, using modern tools and platforms that not only help us move faster together, but allow us to recruit and retain the talented team members we need, and not fear change but embrace it.   

We are continuously evolving our platforms and intentionally designing them with the future in mind: to meet the current needs of our clients, but have scalability baked in so that we can meet future needs that are yet to be defined. We build with change in mind, as change is our only constant. 

Image 2022-09-19 at 7_edited.jpg

"Petracek does what can be extremely difficult: make a book about highly technical concepts meant for enterprise leaders actually interesting to read. Forget what it was like falling asleep cradling your university textbooks. With his characteristic wit and humor, he takes readers on a journey through foundational concepts without being patronizing. An excellent reference covering important topics and their applicability to enterprise environments, including relevant examples and helpful diagrams that you'll probably want to borrow for your next executive briefing."

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